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Melatonin receptor deficiency decreases and temporally shifts ecto-5'-nucleotidase mRNA levels in mouse prosencephalon.

Homola, M; Pfeffer, M; Robson, SC; Fischer, C; Zimmermann, H; Korf, HW

Cell & Tissue Research

365 (1), 147-56

2016 July


α,β-Methylene-ADP derivatives and analogs: development of potent and selective ecto-5'-nucleotidase (CD73) inhibitors.

Bhattarai, S; Freundlieb, M; Pippel, J; Meyer, A; Abdelrahman, A; Fiene, A; Lee, S; Zimmermann, H; Yegutkin, G; Sträter, N; El-Tayeb, A; Müller, CE

Journal of Medical Chemistry

58 (15), 6248-63

2015 October


Expression of ectonucleotidases in the prosencephalon of melatonin-proficient C3H and melatonin-deficient C57Bl mice: spatial distribution and time-dependent changes.

Homola, M; Pfeffer, M; Fischer, C; Zimmermann, H; Robson, RC; Korf, HW

Cell & Tissue Research

362, 163-76

2015 October


NTPDase2 and the P2Y1 receptor are not required for mammalian eye formation.

Gampe, K; Haverkamp, S; Robson, SC; Gachet, C, Hüser; L, Acker-Palmer, A; Zimmermann, H

Purinergic Signal.

11 (1), 155-60

2015 March


NTPDase2 and purinergic signaling control progenitor cell proliferation in neurogenic niches of the adult mouse brain.

Gampe, K; Stefani, J; Brendel, P; Pötzsch, A, Enikolopov, G, Enjyoji, K, Acker-Palmer, A, Robson, SC, Zimmermann, H

Stem Cells

33 (1), pp. 253-264

2015 January 1

Polyoxometalates - Potent and selective ecto-nucleotidase inhibitors.

Lee, SY; Fiene, A; Li, W; Hanck, T; Brylev, KA; Fedorov, VE; Lecka, J; Haider, A; Pietzsch, HJ; Zimmermann, H; Sévigny, J; Kortz, U; Stephan, H; Müller, CE

Biochemical Pharmacology

93 (2), 171-81

2014 November


A new, sensitive ecto-5'-nucleotidase assay for compound screening.

Freundlieb, M; Zimmermann, H; Müller, CE

Analytical Biochemistry.

446, pp. 53-58

2014 February 1


P2X7 receptors at adult neural progenitor cells of the mouse subventricular zone.

Messemer, N; Kunert, C; Grohmann, M; Sobottka, H; Nieber, K; Zimmermann, H; Franke, H; Nörenberg, W; Straub, I; Schaefer, M; Riedel, T; Illes, P; Rubini, P.


73C, pp. 122-137

2013 October


The medial habenula contains a specific nonstellate subtype of astrocyte expressing the ectonucleotidase NTPDase2.

Gampe, K; Hammer, K; Kittel, A; Zimmermann, H


1(4), pp. 354-365

2012 August


Virtual screening identifies novel sulfonamide inhibitors of ecto-5'-nucleotidase.

Ripphausen, P; Freundlieb, M; Brunschweiger, A; Zimmermann, H; Müller, CE; Bajorath, J

Journal of Medicinal Chemistry

55, pp. 6576-6581



SV31 is a Zn2+-binding synaptic vesicle protein.

Barth, J; Zimmermann, H; Volknandt, W

Journal of Neurochemistry

118, 558-70

2011 August


Tissue-nonspecific alkaline phosphatase promotes axonal growth of hippocampal neurons.

Díez-Zaera, M; Díaz-Hernández, JI; Hernández-Álvarez, H; Zimmermann, H; Díaz-Hernández, M; Miras-Portugal, MT

Molecular Biology of the Cell

22(7), pp. 1014-1024

2011 April 1


EGF induces CREB and ERK activation at the wall of the mouse lateral ventricles.

Gampe, K; Brill, MS; Momma, S; Götz, M; Zimmermann

Brain Research

1376, pp. 31-41

2011 February 28


Knockdown of tissue nonspecific alkaline phosphatase impairs neural stem cell proliferation and differentiation.

Kermer, V; Ritter, M; Albuquerque, B; Leib, C; Stanke, M; Zimmermann, H

Neuroscience Letters

485(3), pp. 208-211

2010 November 26


Nucleotides and epidermal growth factor induce parallel cytoskeletal rearrangments and migration in cultured adult murine neural stem cells.

Grimm, I; Ullsperger, SN; Zimmermann, H

Acta Physiologica

199(2), pp. 181-191

2010 June


Development of potent and selective inhibitors of ecto-5'-nucleotidase based on an anthraquinone scaffold.

Baqi, Y; Lee, SY; Iqbal, J; Ripphausen, P; Lehr, A; Scheiff, AB; Zimmermann, H; Bajorath, J; Müller, CE

Journal of Medicinal Chemistry

53(5), pp. 2076-86



The proteome of the presynaptic active zone: from docked vesicles to adhesion molecules and maxi-channels.

Morciano, M; Beckhaus, T; Karas, M; Zimmermann; H, Volknandt

Journal of Neurochemistry

108(3), pp. 662-675

2009 February


Coordinate pathways for nucleotide and EGF signaling in cultured adult neural progenitor cells.

Grimm, Y; Messemer, N; Stanke, N; Gachet, C; Zimmermann, H

Journal of Cell Science

122(14), pp. 2524-2533

2009 July 15


Structure-activity relationships of anthraquinone derivatives derived from bromaminic acid as inhibitors of ectonucleoside triphosphate diphosphohydrolases (E-NTPDases).

Baqui, Y; Weyler, S; Iqbal, J; Zimmermann, H; Müller, CE

Purinergic Signalling

5(1), pp. 91-106

2008 June 5


Purinergic receptor activation inhibits osmotic glial cell swelling in the diabetic rat retina.

Wurm, A; Iandiev, I; Hollborn, M; Wiedemann, P; Reichenbach, A; Zimmermann, H; Bringmann, A; Pannicke, T

Experimental Eye Research

87(4), pp. 385-393

2008 October

Capillary electrophoresis-based nanoscale assays for monitoring ecto-5`-nucleotidase activity and inhibition in preparations of recombinant enzyme and melanoma cell membranes.

Iqbal, J; Jirovsky, D; Lee, SJ; Zimmermann, H; Müller, CE

Analytical Biochemistry

373(1), pp. 129–140

2008 February 1


Distribution of ectonucleotidases in the rodent brain revisited.

Langer, D; Hammer, K; Koszalka, P; Schrader, J; Robson, SC; Zimmermann, H

Cell and Tissue Research

334(2), pp. 199-217

2008 October 9


The ectonucleotidases alkaline phosphatase and nucleoside triphosphate diphosphohydrolase 2 are associated with subsets of progenitor cell populations in the mouse embryonic, postnatal and adult neurogenic zones.

Langer, D; Ikehara, Y; Takebayashi, H; Hawkes, R; Zimmermann, H


150(1), pp. 863-879

2007 June 5


Ectonucleotidases in Müller glial cells of the rodent retina: Involvement in inhibition of osmotic cell swelling.

Iandiev, I; Wurm, A; Pannicke, T; Wiedemann, P; Reichenbach, A; Robson, SC; Zimmermann, H; Bringmann, A

Purinergic Signalling

3(4), pp. 423–433

2007 August 8


Cloning, purification, and identification of the liver canalicular ecto-ATPase as NTPDase8.

Fausther, M; Lecka, J; Kukulski, F; Lévesque, SA; Pelletier, J; Zimmermann, H; Dranoff, JA; Sévigny, J

American Journal of Physiology - Gastrointestinal and Liver Physiology

292(3), pp. G785-G795

2007 March


Identification and characterization of SV31, a novel synaptic vesicle membrane protein and potential transporter.

Burré, J; Zimmermann, H; Volknandt, W

Journal of Neurochemistry

103(1), pp. 276-287

2007 October


Immunoisolation and subfractionation of synaptic vesicle proteins.

Burré, J; Zimmermann, H; Volknandt, W

Analytical Biochemistry

362(1), pp. 172-181

2007 October


Analysis of the synaptic vesicle proteome using three gel-based protein separation techniques.

Burré, J; Beckhaus, T; Schägger, H; Corvey, C; Hofmann, S; Karas, M; Zimmermann, H; Volknandt, W


6(23), pp. 6250-62

2006 December 23


Polyoxometalates - a new class of potent ecto-nucleoside triphosphate diphosphohydrolase (NTPDase) inhibitors.

Iqbal, J; Zimmermann, H; Röllich, A; Stephan, H; Müller, CE

Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry Letters

16(23), pp. 5943-5947

2006 December 1


Uracil nucleotides stimulate human neural precursor cell proliferation and dopaminergic differentiation: Involvement of MEK-ERK signalling.

Milosevic, J; Brandt, A; Roemuss, U; Arnold, A; Wegner, F; Schwarz, SC; Storch, A; Zimmermann, H; Schwarz, J

Journal of Neurochemistry

99(3), pp. 913-923

2006 November


Synaptic vesicle proteins under conditions of rest and activation: Analysis by 2-D difference gel electrophoresis.

Burré, J; Beckhaus, T; Corvey, C; Karas, M; Zimmermann, H; Volknandt, W


27(17), pp. 3488-3496

2006 September


Ecto-5’-nucleotidase (cd73)-dependent and -independent generation of adenosine participates in the mediation of tubuloglomerular feedback in vivo.

Huang, DY; Vallon, V; Zimmermann, H; Koszalka, P; Schrader J; Osswald, H

American Journal of Physiology - Renal Physiology

291(2), pp. F282-F288

2006 August


Adenosine produced via the CD73/ecto-5'-nucleotidase pathway has no impact on erythropoietin production but is associated with reduced kidney weight.

Ozüyaman, B; Ding, Z; Buchheiser, A; Koszalka, P; Braun, N; Gödecke, A; Decking, UK; Zimmermann, H; Schrader, J

Pflügers Archiv - European Journal of Physiology

452(3), pp. 324-331

2006 June


Extracellular nucleotide signaling in adult neural stem cells: synergism with growth factor-mediated cellular proliferation.

Mishra, SK; Braun, N; Shukla, V; Füllgrabe, M; Schomerus, C; Korf, H-W; Gachet, C; Ikehara, Y; Sévigny, J; Robson, SC; Zimmermann, H


133(4), pp. 675-684

2006 February 15


Immunoisolation of two synaptic vesicle pools from synaptosomes: a proteomics analysis.

Morciano, M; Burré, J; Corvey, C; Karas, M; Zimmermann, H; Volknandt, W

Journal of Neurochemistry

95(6), pp. 1732–1745

2005 December


A capillary electrophoresis method for the characterization of ecto-nucleoside triphosphate diphosphohydrolases (NTPDases) and the analysis of inhibitors by in-capillary enzymatic microreaction.

Iqbal, J; Vollmayer, P; Braun, N; Zimmermann, H; Müller, CE

Purinergic Signalling

1(4), pp. 349–358

2005 December


Cloning and characterization of the ecto-nucleotidase NTPDase3 from rat brain: predicted secondary structure and relation to other members of the E-NTPDase family and actin.

Vorhoff, T; Zimmermann, H; Pelletier, J; Sévigny, J; Braun, N

Purinergic Signalling

1(3), pp. 259-270

2005 September


Functional expression of the ecto-ATPase NTPDase2 and of nucleotide receptors by neuronal progenitor cells in the adult murine hippocampus.

Shukla, V; Zimmermann, H; Wang, L; Kettenmann, H; Raab, S; Hammer, K; Sévigny, J; Robson, SC; Braun, N

Journal of Neuroscience Research

80(5), pp. 600-610

2005 June 1


Expression of nucleoside triphosphate diphosphohydrolase-1 (NTPDase1) and NTPDase2 in murine kidney: Relevance to regulation of P2 receptor signaling.

Kishore, BK; Isaac, J; Fausther, M; Tripp, SR; Shi, H; Gill, PS; Braun, N, Zimmermann, H; Sevigny, S; Robson, SC

American Journal of Physiology - Renal Physiology

288(5), pp. F1032-F1043

2005 May 1


C-terminal splicing of NTPDase2 provides distinctive catalytic properties, cellular distribution and enzyme regulation.

Wang, CJ; Vlajkovic, SM; Braun, N; Zimmermann, H; Robson, SC; Sévigny, J; Söllner, C; Thoren, PR

Biochemical Journal

385(3), pp. 729-736

2005 May 1


Localization of SNARE proteins and secretory organelle proteins in astrocytes in vitro and in situ.

Wilhelm, A; Volknandt, W; Langer, D; Nolte, C; Kettenmann, H; Zimmermann, H

Neuroscience Research

48(3), pp. 249-257

2004 March


Association of the ecto-ATPase NTPDase2 with glial cells of the peripheral nervous system.

Braun, N; Sévigny, J; Robson, SC; Hammer, K; Hanani, M; Zimmermann, H


45(2), pp. 124-132

2004 January


Hydrolysis of diadenosine polyphosphates by nucleotide pyrophosphatases/phosphodiesterases.

Vollmayer, P; Clair, T; Goding, JW; Sano, K; Servos, J; Zimmermann, H

European Journal of Biochemistry

270(14), pp. 2971-2987

2003 July


ATP inhibits NMDA receptors after heterologous expression and in cultured hippocampal neurons and attenuates NMDA-mediated neurotoxicity.

Ortinau, S; Laube, B; Zimmermann, H

The Journal of Neuroscience

23(12), pp. 4996-5003

2003 June 15


Expression of the ecto-ATPase NTPDase2 in the germinal zones of the developing and adult rat brain.

Braun, N; Sévigny, J; Mishra, SK; Robson, SC; Barth, SW; Gerstberger, R; Hammer, K; Zimmermann H

European Journal of Neuroscience

17(7), pp. 1355-1364

2003 April


Determination of native oligomeric state and substrate specificity of rat NTPDase1 and NTPDase2 after heterologous expression in Xenopus oocytes.

Failer, BU; Aschrafi, A; Schmalzing, G; Zimmermann H

European Journal of Biochemistry

270(8), pp. 1802-1809

2003 April


Expression and allocation of proteins of the exo-endocytotic machinery in U373 glioma cells.

Volknandt, W; Küster, F; Wilhelm, A; Obermüller, E; Steinmann, A; Zhang, L; Zimmermann, H

Cellular and Molecular Neurobiology

22(2), pp. 153-169

2002 April


Adenine nucleotide analogues locked in a northern methanocarba conformation: Enhanced stability and potency as P2Y1 receptor agonists.

Ravi, RG; Kim, HS; Servos, J; Zimmermann, H; Lee K; Maddileti, S; Boyer, JL; Harden, TK; Jacobsen, KA

Journal of Medical Chemistry

45(10), pp. 2090-2100

2002 May 9


Multiple ecto-nucleotidases in PC12 cells: Identification and cellular distribution after heterologous expression.

Vollmayer, P; Koch M; Braun N; Heine P; Servos J; Israr E; Kegel B; Zimmermann H

Journal of Neurochemistry

78(5), pp. 1019-1028

2001 September


The C-terminal cysteine-rich region dictates specific catalytic properties in chimeras of the ectonucleotidases NTPDase1 and NTPDase2.

Heine, P; Braun, N; Sévigny, J; Robson, SC; Servos, J; Zimmermann, H

European Journal of Biochemistry

268(2), pp. 364-373

2001 January


Inhibition of ecto-apyrase and ecto-ATPase by pyridoxal phosphate-related compounds.

Hoffmann, C; Heine, P; Pradel, G; Kim, Y-C; Jacobson, KA; Zimmermann, H

Drug Development Research

51(3), pp. 153-158

2000 November


Assignment of ecto-nucleoside triphosphate diphosphohydrolase-1/cd39 expression to microglia and vasculature of the brain.

Braun, N; Sévigny, J; Robson SC; Enjyoji, K; Guckelberger, O; Hammer, K; Di Virgilio, F; Zimmermann, H

European Journal of Neuroscience

12(12), pp. 4357-4366

2000 December


A comparison of synaptic protein localization in hippocampal mossy fiber terminals and neurosecretory endings of the neurohypophysis using the cryo-immunogold technique.

Zhang, L; Volknandt, W; Gundelfinger, ED; Zimmermann, H

European Journal of Neurocytology

29(1), pp. 19-30

2000 January


Sequencing, functional expression and characterization of rat NTPDase6, a nucleoside diphosphatase and novel member of the ecto-nucleoside triphosphate diphosphohydrolase family.

Braun, N; Fengler, S; Ebeling, C; Servos, J; Zimmermann, H

Biochemical Journal

351(3), pp. 639-647

2000 November 1


Chronic hypoxia enhances adenosine release in rat PC12 cells by altering adenosine metabolism and transport.

Kobayashi, S; Zimmermann, H; Millhorn, DE

Journal of Neurochemistry

74(2), pp. 621-632

2000 February


Immunologically distinct isoforms of ecto-5´-nucleotidase in nerve terminals of different areas of the rat hippocampus.

Cunha, RA; Brendel, P; Zimmermann, H; Ribeiro, JA

Journal of Neurochemistry

74(1), pp. 334-338

2000 January


Endoytic vacuoles formed following a short pulse of K+-stimulation contain a plethora of presynaptic proteins.

Marxen, M; Volknandt, W; Zimmermann, H


94(3), pp. 985-996

1999 October


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