Prof. Dr. Herbert Zimmermann: CV

1969Degree in Biology and Chemistry, Ludwig-Maximilian University, Munich
1971PhD, Regensburg University
1972–1973Post doc, Institute of Biochemistry, Cambridge University, UK
1973-1979Postdoc and Junior Group Leader, Dept. of Neurochemistry, Max Planck Institute for Biophysical Chemistry, Göttingen
1980-1983Full Professor (C3), University of Oldenburg
1983-2010Full Professor (C4), Goethe-University Frankfurt am Main, Department of Biosciences
1986Visiting Fellow, Tokyo University (Todai), Institute for Brain Research
1987Guest Professor, Tokyo University (Todai), Institute for Brain Research
2010Professor emeritus, Goethe-University Frankfurt am Main, Department of Biosciences

Prof. Dr. Herbert Zimmermann: Awards

1969Fellow, Studienstiftung (German Nat. Acad. Foundation)
1987Italian Purine Club Lecture, Milan, Italy
2000Johannes Müller Lecture, Berlin
2006Geoffrey Burnstock Lecture, Ferrara, Italy
2007Correspondent Academician of the Real Academia Nacional de Farmacia, Spain
2009Member, Academia Europaea
2016Member, Wissenschaftliche Gesellschaft an der Universität Frankfurt (Academy of Frankfurt University)

Prof. Dr. Herbert Zimmermann: Responsibilities/Committees

1987-1993Council Member, German Zoological Society
1985-1989Vice-Spokesman and Spokesman, Neurochemical Group of the German Society for Biological Chemistry
1985-1989Council Member, International Society for Neurochemistry
1986–1990Council Member and Treasurer, European Society for Neurochemistry
1998–2000Vice President, German Neuroscience Society
2000-2005President, German Neuroscience Society
2000-2005Council Member, International Brain Research Organization (IBRO)
2000-2005Council Member, Federation of European Neuroscience Societies (FENS)
2002-2003Director, Center of Membrane Proteomics, Frankfurt
2003-2013Scientific Advisory Board, Frankfurt Institute for Advanced Studies
2003-2013Scientific Advisory Board, Ernst Strüngmann Forum, Frankfurt
2003-2010Scientific Advisory Board, Interdisciplinary Center for Clinical Research, Leipzig
2006-2011Director, Interdisciplinary Center for Neuroscience, Frankfurt
2008-2015President, German Purine Club

Prof. Dr. Herbert Zimmermann: Memberships

Interdisciplinary Center for Neuroscience, Frankfurt am Main
Center for Membrane Proteomics, Frankfurt am Main
Rhine-Main-Neuroscience Network, rmn2, Frankfurt/Mainz
German Neuroscience Society
International Society for Neurochemistry
German Purine Club
German Zoological Society
Polytechnische Gesellschaft, Frankfurt am Main

Prof. Dr. Herbert Zimmermann: Editorial Boards

1988-2011Neurochemistry International
1989-1999Biochemical Journal
1996-2005Biomedical Research
2001-2012Journal of Neurochemistry, Handling Editor
2004-Purinergic Signalling, Handling Editor
2006-Anales de la Real Academia Nacional de Farmacia

Prof. Dr. Herbert Zimmermann: Organizer, Scientific Meetings

1984Co-Organizer, Symposium "Cellular Biology of Ectoenzymes", Schloß Ringberg, Germany
1987Organizer, NATO Workshop: "Cellular and Molecular Biology of Synaptic Transmission", Göttingen
1988Organizer, Ann. Meeting of Neurochem. Group, German Society for Biological Chemistry, Göttingen
1989Organizer, Ann. Meeting of Neurochem. Group, German Society for Biological Chemistry, Göttingen
2005President, 6th Ann. Meeting of the German Neuroscience Society, Göttingen
2006Vice-President, FENS FORUM Meeting, Vienna
2011Co-organizer, German-Italian Purine Club-Meeting, Bonn
2012Co-organizer, German-Italian Purine Club-Meeting, Rimini
2014Co-organizer, Purines2014, International Conference on Signalling, Drugs and Targets, Bonn
Member of Organizing or Program Committees of numerous national and international meetings

Prof. Dr. Herbert Zimmermann: Research Interests

Molecular and cellular biology of components of the purinergic signalling pathway (ectoenzymes, receptors), neurogenesis, synaptic vesicle proteins, synaptic vesicle turnover