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Amyloid precursor protein knockout diminishes synaptic vesicle proteins at the presynaptic active zone in mouse brain.

Laßek, M; Weingarten, J; Acker-Palmer, A; Bajjalieh, SM; Müller, U; Volknandt, W

Current Alzheimer Research

[accepted for publication]

2014 November


The proteome of the presynaptic active zone from mouse brain.

Weingarten, J; Laßek, M; Mueller, BF; Rohmer, M; Lunger, I; Baeumlisberger, D; Dudek, S; Gogesch, P; Karas, M; Volknandt, W

Molecular and Cellular Neuroscience

59, 106-118

2014 March


Amyloid precursor proteins are constituents of the presynaptic active zone.

Laßek, M; Weingarten, J; Einsfelder, U; Brendel, P; Müller, U; Volknandt, W

Journal of Neurochemistry

127(1), 48-56

2013 October


SV31 is a Zn2+-binding synaptic vesicle protein.

Barth, J; Zimmermann, H; Volknandt, W

Journal of Neurochemistry

118, 558-70

2011 August


Electrophysiological characterization of ATPases in native synaptic vesicles and synaptic plasma membranes.

Obrdlik, P; Diekert, K; Watzke, N; Keipert, C; Pehl, U; Brosch, C; Boehm, N; Bick, I; Ruitenberg, M; Volknandt, W; Kelety, B

Biochem. Journal

427, pp. 151-159

2010 January


The proteome of the presynaptic active zone: from docked vesicles to adhesion molecules and maxi-channels.

Morciano, M; Beckhaus, T; Karas, M; Zimmermann; H, Volknandt

Journal of Neurochemistry

108(3), pp. 662-675

2009 February


Barth, J; Volknandt, W

Evaluation of small hairpin RNA silencing efficiency in live cells by cotransfection of two fluorescent probes.

Analytical Biochemistry

379(1), pp. 133-135


2008 August

Identification and characterization of SV31, a novel synaptic vesicle membrane protein and potential transporter.

Burré, J; Zimmermann, H; Volknandt, W

Journal of Neurochemistry

103(1), pp. 276-287

2007 October


Immunoisolation and subfractionation of synaptic vesicle proteins.

Burré, J; Zimmermann, H; Volknandt, W

Analytical Biochemistry

362(1), pp. 172-181

2007 October


Analysis of the synaptic vesicle proteome using three gel-based protein separation techniques.

Burré, J; Beckhaus, T; Schägger, H; Corvey, C; Hofmann, S; Karas, M; Zimmermann, H; Volknandt, W


6(23), pp. 6250-62

2006 December 23


Synaptic vesicle proteins under conditions of rest and activation: Analysis by 2-D difference gel electrophoresis.

Burré, J; Beckhaus, T; Corvey, C; Karas, M; Zimmermann, H; Volknandt, W


27(17), pp. 3488-3496

2006 September


Movement of vault particles visualized by GFP-tagged major vault protein.

Slesina, M; Inman, ME; Moore, AE; Goldhaber, JI; Rome; Volknandt, W

Cell and Tissue Research

324(3), pp. 403-410

2006 June


Immunoisolation of two synaptic vesicle pools from synaptosomes: a proteomics analysis.

Morciano, M; Burré, J; Corvey, C; Karas, M; Zimmermann, H; Volknandt, W

Journal of Neurochemistry

95(6), pp. 1732–1745

2005 December


Nuclear localization of the major vault protein in U373 cells.

Slesina, M; Inman, ME; Rome; Volknandt, W

Cell and Tissue Research

321(1), pp. 97-104

2005 Juli


Secretion and molecular forms of NESP55, a novel genomically imprinted neuroendocrine-specific protein from AtT-20 cells.

Eder, S; Leierer, J; Klimaschewski, L; Volknandt, W; Laslop, A; Fischer-Colbrie, R


13(6), pp. 298-307

2004 November


Endosomal ricin transport: involvement of Rab4- and Rab5-positive compartments.

Moisenovich, M; Tonevitsky, A; Maljuchenko, N; Kozlovskaya, N; Agapov, I; Volknandt, W; Bereiter-Hahn, J

Histochemistry and Cell Biology

121(6), pp. 429-439

2004 June


Localization of SNARE proteins and secretory organelle proteins in astrocytes in vitro and in situ.

Wilhelm, A; Volknandt, W; Langer, D; Nolte, C; Kettenmann, H; Zimmermann, H

Neuroscience Research

48(3), pp. 249-257

2004 March


Dufour gland of the digger wasp Liris niger: structure and developmental and biochemical aspects.

Gnatzy, W; Volknandt, W; Schulz, S

Cell and Tissue Research

315(1), pp. 125-138

2004 January


The hemicholinium-3 sensitive high affinity choline transporter is internalized by clathrin-mediated endocytosis and is present in endosomes and synaptic vesicles.

Ribeiro, FM; Alves-Silva, J; Volknandt, W; Martins-Silva, C; Mahmud, H; Wilhelm, A; Gomez, MV; Rylett, RJ; Ferguson, SS; Prado VF; Prado, MA

Journal of Neurochemistry

87(1), pp. 136-146

2003 October


Expression and allocation of proteins of the exo-endocytotic machinery in U373 glioma cells.

Volknandt, W; Küster, F; Wilhelm, A; Obermüller, E; Steinmann, A; Zhang, L; Zimmermann, H

Cellular and Molecular Neurobiology

22(2), pp. 153-169

2002 April


Major vault protein is a substrate of endogenous protein kinases in CHO and PC12 cells.

Ehrnsperger, C;; Volknandt, W

Biolgical Chemistry

382(10), pp. 1463–1471



Venom gland of the digger wasp Liris niger: morphology, ultrastructure, age-related changes and biochemical aspects.

Gnatzy, W; Volknandt, W

Cell and Tissue Research

302(2), pp. 271-284

2000 November


Age-dependent pre- and postsynaptic distribution of AMPA receptors at synapses in CA3 stratum radiatum of hippocampal slice cultures compared with intact brain.

Fabian-Fine, R; Volknandt, W; Fine, A; Stewart, MG

European Journal of Neuroscience

12(10), pp. 3687–3700

2000 October


Membrane Association of Presynaptic Cytomatrix Protein Bassoon.

Sanmarti-Vila, L; tom Dieck, S; Richter, K; Altrock, W; Zhang, L; Volknandt, W; Zimmermann, H; Garner, CC; Gundelfinger, ED; Dresbach

Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications

275(1), pp. 43–46

2000 August


A comparison of synaptic protein localization in hippocampal mossy fiber terminals and neurosecretory endings of the neurohypophysis using the cryo-immunogold technique.

Zhang, L; Volknandt, W; Gundelfinger, ED; Zimmermann, H

European Journal of Neurocytology

29(1), pp. 19-30

2000 January


Endocytic vacuoles formed following a short pulse of K+-stimulation contain a plethora of presynaptic proteins.

Marxen, M; Volknandt, W; Zimmermann, H


94(3), pp. 985-996

1999 October


Axonal transport of ribonucleoprotein particles (vaults).

Li, JY; Volknandt, W; Herrmann, C; Herrmann, J; Das, B; Zimmermann, H


91(3), pp. 1055-1065

1999 July


A plethora of presynaptic proteins associated with ATP-storing organelles in cultured astrocytes.

Maienschein, V; Marxen, M; Volknandt, W; Zimmermann, H


26(3), pp. 233-44.

1999 May


Recombinant Major Vault Protein Is Targeted to Neuritic Tips of PC12 Cells.

Herrmann, C; Golkaramnay, E; Inman, E; Rome, LH; Volknandt, W

The Journal of Cell Biology

144(6), pp. 1163-1172

1999 March


Axonal transport of ribonucleoprotein particles (Vaults).

Li, JY; Volknandt, W; Dahlström, A; Herrmann, C; Blasi, J; Das, B; Zimmermann, H


91(3), pp. 1055–1065

1999 July


Peripheral synapses at identifiable mechanosensory neurons in the spider Cupiennius salei: synapsin-like immunoreactivity.

Fabian-Fine, R; Volknandt, W; Seyfarth, EA

Cell and Tissue Research

295(1), pp. 13-29

1999 January


Formation and sequence analysis of secretoneurin, a neuropeptide derived from secretogranin II, in mammalian, bird, reptile, amphibian and fish brains.

Leitner, B; Schneitler, C; Klocker, H; Volknandt, W; Zimmermann, H; Winkler, H; Fischer-Colbrie, R

Neuroscience Letters

248(2), pp. 105-108

1998 May


Major vault protein of electric ray is a phosphoprotein.

Herrmann, C; Kellner, R; Volknandt, W

Neurochemical Research

23(1), pp. 39-46

1998 January


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