Prof. Dr. Walter Volknandt: CV

1977Degree in Biology and Chemistry, Georg-August University, Göttingen
1983PhD, Zoological Institute, Göttingen, Germany
1983-1988Postdoc, Goethe-University Frankfurt, Germany
1988-1993Assistant Professor (C1), Goethe-University Frankfurt
1989Habilitation and venia legendi (Biology)
1990-1991Visiting Professor at Dept. Biological Sciences and Howard Hughes Medical Institute, Stanford University, California, USA
1993-1997Associate Professor (C2), Goethe-University Frankfurt
since 1996Apl. Professor, Goethe-University Frankfurt
2010Substitution of chair Prof. H. Zimmermann

Prof. Dr. Walter Volknandt: Awards

1981Fellow, FES Studienförderung
1990-1991Research-Grant of the DFG, Stanford University, California, USA
1987-1995ISN-Travel Awards
1991-1995Collaborative Research Grant, Stanford, USA
1998-2001CRG, UCLA, USA

Prof. Dr. Walter Volknandt: Memberships

Interdisciplinary Center for Neuroscience, Frankfurt am Main
Center for Membrane Proteomics, Frankfurt am Main
Rhine-Main-Neuroscience Network, rmn2, Frankfurt/Mainz
German Neuroscience Society
International Society for Neurochemistry
German Zoological Society
Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Society for Cell Biology

Prof. Dr. Walter Volknandt: Research Interests

Molecular and cellular basis of signal transfer in the nervous system, synaptic vesicle proteins, life cycle of synaptic vesicles, structure and function of vaults, neurogenesis, physiological functions of the amyloid precursor protein family